Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mathematical Clock

Recently I visited the house of a friend  and found a wall clock, and it was a wall clock with a difference.  Instead of  numbers on the hour places, there are mathematical problems.  An image of the clock is given below:

The twelve questions given in the entrance test are the same as the questions on the clock.  Only the order of Questions is changed.  Naturally answers should be 1 to 12.

If you have answered the questions correctly, you will receive a communication for admission along with details of fee to be remitted etc.

Our next meeting will be in the Mathematics class!


  1. This clock can be purchased from the website of @ $ 22.42 up to 21st November 2011, in view of Thanks Giving Day Discount, as against its actual price of $ 31.99.

  2. fabulous!!!!some real genius after a long time!!!!- Sunada